Here's a picture below of two of my cousins, a friend, and me visiting with the Easter Bunny and having our picture taken. I'm the one in the back row on the left. Yes, since we went to visit the Easter Bunny personally then and had our picture taken with him, we all got extra special Easter Baskets that year, too.

This picture below was taken in December 1995 with my friend, Michelle. I'm the one on the left.

I use to help make sure that senior citizens, who were homebound/sickly/disabled, got the food they needed with Meals on Wheels, and I also use to help plan recreational activities for the seniors who were able to meet together at a senior center. This photo below is of me and some of my friends there whenever I use to work at the senior center years ago. :-) We were having a blast that day during the Valentine's thingy I got together for them. I'm the one second from the left in the front row wearing the blue dress.....

This other picture below was taken of me back in 1991 whenever my hair was cut off short and permed. Just wanted to mention that this picture was actually taken in black and white on purpose!:-) It wasn't taken THAT long ago before color was added to pictures!
hehehehe :-)....


Below are a couple of my high school senior pictures when I had my hair permed yet again back then: